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Serveurs down et wipe des comptes.

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Serveurs down et wipe des comptes.

Message  Admin le Mar 4 Déc - 6:41

Serveurs down et wipe des comptes:
Tout les serveurs sont down à cette heure.
A leurs retours nous ne drevrions plus avoir nos cinq fab one : (

Hey guys, the servers will be down today from (approximately) 4pm to 10pm while we do some server side maintenance. During this time we will also be implementing the wipe as detailed HERE. We appreciate your patience during this time!

UPDATE (from Jonny): We're running a bit past 10, but we're nearly there. I'll post an announcement once its live. Soon!!

/edit by kewk The launcher is going to seem like it is active right now but it is actually not. It will be acting oddly to say the least. Just hold out for a bit and we'll let you know when the servers are really up.

Alpha/Beta, the Foundation Release, and YOU!

We wanted to discuss our game plan as we leave Alpha behind. After we execute the wipe and officially move out of Alpha, we’ll head into Beta for a few short weeks, and thereafter enter our foundation release in the second half of December. We hope that around same time game will be available on Steam. All existing customers that want to use Steam version will be able to get a free Steam key and re download the game from Steam.

We plan to do the wipe this coming Monday evening into Tuesday, PST. We’re currently running a last minute check to confirm things are ok and that another wipe will not be needed after this one. We had plans to to wipe on Dec 1, Saturday, but we decided that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and took additional time to make sure everything will be fine.

Additionally, while we REALLY wanted to preserve character names, there are so many out there with illegal characters and offensive names that we won’t be able to address them manually, so we’ll also be wiping all character names except for clan leaders. The reason we’re keeping clan leaders is so that people can keep the clans they’ve already created. However, while the clan will remain intact, and those clans will be empty until such time as previous members can rejoin (since their characters will have been wiped).

What does the wipe entail?

All stats are wiped
All inventories, global and individually, are wiped
All characters (except for clan leaders) are wiped
All GC is reset (if you got GC through a pack purchase this is returned)

What happens after the wipe?

On top of having all your GC reset, we’re also gifting our Survivors, Pioneers and LEgends with EXTRA GC. For survivors, $10 worth of GC, pioneers get $15 worth of GC, and Legends will receive a whopping $20 worth of GC.
We’re putting together a package of special items for preorders that new comers will not receive. At wire you’ll get those items in your global inventory
Current players will also get all characters available at the time of the wipe unlocked for being early supporters of the game.
First 10 game characters you’ll create will receive additional “Starter Items” pack on character creation.

Once the wipe is done, item weight will also be implemented. This will mean you’ll need to pay close attention to how much you can carry, and what items are really worth holding on to.

At this point survivor and pioneer packs will also be retired (note that LEGEND has been gone for some time), and the new packs for new customers will offer only varying degrees of GC and guest passes. The new packages will not come with multiple characters unlocked, and will not come with forum recognition - no one will hold the prestige you do! They also won’t receive any of the gift items that you will receive on wipe!


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